The art of the followup

Want to know why some designers are consistently busy and others can’t seem to get enough work? What’s the secret to a never-ending a stream of new clients and consistent cash flow? Explore the art of the follow-up. How many times have you gone into a store and not purchased anything. Did the clerk or […]

Building a better pop-up optin

Looking to create your own version of a pop-up optin box? In this Minima tutorial, I’ll show you exactly what I use to easily create high-converting pop-up boxes. Create, test and tweak away! Click here for the OptinMonster plugin featured in this tutorial.

Lessons from a goldfish

minima designs lessons from a goldfish

Last week I was in Denver for a tech conference. When I called to check in with my husband, he asked if I had gotten the pet fish. I didn’t know it, but one of the fun perks of my hotel was a goldfish for your room. When I relayed this to my new friends […]

Behind the Scenes: What I Use to Run My Business

One of the most requested items I hear from readers is what tools and services do I use to run my business. While I’ll often test out new services and products, I’m a firm believer in using well-supported software – I’d rather use the industry standard rather than a fly-by-night new app or software that […]

Before you leave that day job

Recently I’ve had a few folks write me about when is it the right time to leave the day job. When I started my business eight years ago, I was terrified that I had no idea what I was doing. I’d been working at a small firm in DC that had its own office and […]