Think you’re not good enough?

I’ve been mentoring and talking with designers for the last few years – and when I survey my audience about what they struggle with most in their business, three answers pop up the most. The most common responses? the fear that they don’t know enough the fear that they’re not credible enough to promote (and […]

Lessons learned from raising 30k in 30 hours


Recently a reader wrote in saying that he didn’t have money for marketing. But guess what – you don’t need to spend a lot to market yourself! I’m on the board of a local non-profit that provides donation based yoga programming for the community. A few weeks ago we participated in an amazing citywide fundraising […]

How to make your stock photos look “not so stock”

Looking to make your site stand out from the crowd? Using stock photos can often make your site feel generic. In this special photoshop Minima Tutorial, I’ll show you how you can use filters and actions to create gorgeous, unique graphics for your custom site. Products used in this tutorial All of the effects, fonts […]

Are you making this common business mistake?

Recently an old work colleague reached out to me – after several years of super high profitability doing niche-specific work, his core client suddenly stopped getting new projects .. and as a result, so did he. After years of not connecting with others, now he was trying to re-engage with his network to get new […]

How do you get more design clients – especially if you’re just starting out?

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately in my one-on-one designer consultations and I was reminded when my friend Leah posted this blog post on “Favorite ways to get new clients fast.” Maybe you’re new to design or maybe you started out like me – having worked for someone else for years, you’ve got […]

The art of the followup

Want to know why some designers are consistently busy and others can’t seem to get enough work? What’s the secret to a never-ending a stream of new clients and consistent cash flow? Explore the art of the follow-up. How many times have you gone into a store and not purchased anything. Did the clerk or […]